Memory & Imagined Landscape at 2017.03.02 Tokyo


Memory & Imagined Landscape
Short films and audio visual performance night

4 Short Movies Screening & Live Performances
Rudderless by Igor & Ivan Buharov
Flowers of Evil by Szabolcs Tolnai
Soramimi by Daisy Dickinson and Juila Laird
Horizon by Daniel Szandtner & Junya Ishii
live performance:
“untitled no.1”  Dance by Junya Ishii, Music by Kohhei Matsuda
“untitled no.2” Audio Visual Performance by OvO
, Visuals – Noriko Okaku, Music – Akihide Monna

2017. March 2nd. (Thurs)  Open 19:00 / Start 19:30
@SuperDeluxeB1F 3-1-25 Nishi Azabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Reserve: 2500円    Door: 2800円 / Plus one drink
Ticket can reserve at :


Memory & Imagined Landscape

Memories accumulate from our daily lives, like a pool of sand accumulates from the ocean. How can the memories reflected in these films trickle into our own memories and begin to affect our present lives?

“Memory and Imagined Landscape” is a short film screening event, showing films from multiple cultures which all aim to reflect this idea. The event will be running simultaneously at The Gallery Cafe in UK, London on March 26th. 

“Rudderless” by Igor and Ivan Buharov portrays a self-analysis of a person living under a minority status in former Yugoslavia in the early 1970s with an absurd touch. “Flowers of Evil” by Szabolcs Tolnai is a dark comedy dealing with privatisation in Southeastern Europe. The film was shot at an abandoned factory building. Daisy Dickinson and Julia Laird traveled to the remote mountains and islands of Japan and shot “Soramimi” to capture the rhythms of the forest and create a piece of ritualistic occurrence. “Horizon” by Daniel Szandter, documents the moment when Junya Ishii danced impulsively at the Eurasian Steppe, Puszta.

Additionally, this night brings London based Audio Visual unit OvO – Noriko Okaku (Visual artist) and Akihide Monna (Drummer of Bo Ningen) – presenting live performance “Untitled No2.” which was premiered at Flatpack Festival in Birmingham. Following this will be a dance performance by Junya Ishii and Kohhei Matsuda (Guitarist of Bo Ningen).

Short films  19:30-
Directed by Igor and Ivan Buharov
 | Hungary, 2011, B/W(Super 8), 30min
Directed by Szabolcs Tolnai 

Serbia | 2015 | Color | 30min
Directed by Daisy Dickinson and Julia Laird,  

U.K. | 2016 | Color (Super 8) | 4min
Directed by Daniel Szandtner and Junya Ishii, Hungary | 2010 | Color | 5min

Live Performance  21:00 –
untitled no.1
Dance by Junya Ishii, Music by Kohhei Matsuda
untitled no.2
Audio Visual Performance by OvO
 / Visuals – Noriko Okaku, Music – Akihide Monna

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Poster/Flyer Image designed by Noriko Okaku
Special Thanx: Daisy Dickinson Films/ Kornél Szilágyi / Nándor Hevesi/ Chizuru Usui/ Happy Tent



Dance by Junya Ishii, Music by Kohhei Matsuda

“untitled no.1” is a dance and music performance piece produced by Junya Ishii and Kohhei Matsuda.

“When I lived in Hungary. I crossed the border over to Serbia plenty times. I often drifted during that term. Sometimes, my morning would start with buying the maps of the local region, then deciding upon which unknown town to stay in. Sometimes, I would jumped jump onto the night train to return to Budapest from Belgrade, or cross the border by bicycle where dozens of cars were waiting for 10 hours. I felt like I was playing the part of character in a road movie at that time. Those memories have further away as I become older. However, they still flashback, suddenly. This blue picture was shot at Balaton Lake in early hours of the morning. After I settled my tent on the shore of the lake, I tried to sleep but could not manage to because of the sound of mosquitoes. I was frustrated, but I gave in, closed my eyes and accepted the sounds. Next moment was vision of total blue. This is my imagined landscape. The moment when my inner reality and outer reality became consistent. I would like to try to reedit memories which are still pending. ” – Junya Ishii


Audio Visual Performance by OvO
 / Visuals – Noriko Okaku, Music – Akihide Monna

untitled no.2 (45”00) is an Audio Visual Performance piece produced by OvO.
It was premiered at Flatpack Festival in Birmingham on 24th April 2016.

“untitled no.2  is consist of found film footage by different families. Why we capture moment – Is it because we instinctively know the presence time never comes back and we sorrow the fact of memory fades out? Otherwise, how can we be so sure the moment really existed? untitled no.2 aims at giving sight to the invisible memory within each individual audience. It starts with anonymous family film footage that interacts with the artist’s memory. The performance entice the audience to excavate their own memory which only can be visualised within their mind.” – Noriko Okaku


IMG_2138 2

Dancer and actor, currently based in Yokohama. JUNYA ISHII was born in Saitama in 1983 and grew up in Mexico-city and Toronto. He has been working across the fields of dance, theatre and film. His interest is to discover the state of consciousness and unconsciousness, state of being through the body and its perception. Since 2009, he has been working for Regional Creative Atelier Josef Nadj,Kanjiza, Serbia to dance for the pieces choreographed by Josef Nadj. As actor, he works as leading role for “2045 Carnival Folklore” directed by Naoki Kato, which was premiered at Seattle International Film Festival in 2015. He also participated for Hungarian film by Igor and Ivan Buharov, and Serbian film directed by Szabolcs Tolnai. He recently started independent distribution company PLATAUX to organize “2045 Carnival Folklore live screening tour” in Europe.



Guitarist of London-based Japanese band BO NINGEN. He also has been playing synthesizer for the ex-Yuck front man’s new project Hebronix. Kohhei has been collaborating with wide range of artist e.g. with Yusuke Ishida (film maker) to compose soundtrack for the film “Holy Disaster”, with Albino Sound, and with Berlin based electronic duo Group A.


noriko_by_Akemi-Kurosakav2 2

Noriko Okaku was educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, completing an MA (RCA) in Animation. Her work in various media often retains a collage art element. She borrows, adopts, copies and recycles existing images to explore the diverse avenues of perception. Her work explores the eclecticism and mystery/strangeness underlying everyday objects and actions.


_DSC0493 3

Drummer in the London-based Japanese band BO NINGEN, known for his unbridled, animated and visceral drumming technique. Influenced by krautrock, Japanese noise, techno, free jazz and contemporary music. He started the audio-visual performance project OvO with Noriko Okaku in 2016. Coincidentally, Akihide Monna formed an improvised physical expression duo with Junya Ishii in the same year.



Directed by Igor and Ivan Buharov
 | Hungary, 2011, B/W(Super 8), 30min
Premier: Manifesta 8, Madrid
Cast : Illés Nyitrai, Jánosné Pallagi , Géza Antal, Sára Cserhalmi, Szabolcs Tolnai, Junya Ishii

Rudderless, inspired by the eponymous poem (1971) by the Hungarian poet István Domonkos (b. 1940), a modern epic, a self-analysis of a person living in minority status in former Yugoslavia in the early 1970s. Understood in broader context, the poem illustrates aspects of emigrant life, such as uprootedness, alienation or transformation of identity because of the loss of language. The visual depiction of the poetic text, at a swift tempo, leads us into a world of various political and economical situation, private or collective, and intimately familiar or utterly absurd moments.


Igor and Ivan Buharov is a pseudonym for artistic duet of Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi. It has been more than 21 years that they have been working together, and have been producing and directing several experimentals, features, shorts, documentaries and animations as well as music projects and film music. In 1995, together with Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas, they have formed the 40 Labor «Multiartist» Group which made performances, events, actions, exhibitions, concerts and multimedia works. They recently released new feature film “MOST OF THE SOULS THAT LIVE HERE”



Director: Szabolcz Tolnai 

| Serbia | 2015 | Color | 30min
Premier: Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2015
Cast: Zoltan Pletl, Henrietta Varga, Debes Dobrei, Josip Tikvicki, Junya Ishii

Film is a dark comedy dealing with privatization in Southeastern Europe. A selfish, rich, capricious industrialist (Nikolai) promises to his wife a Disneyland on the site of a former chemical plant. Aided by the Minister of Commerce he buys the factory for 1 euro. Former workers, now on strike, are forced to portray the degrading roles of Disney’s characters. In order for theme park to work Nikolai forces an old inventor (Uncle Bauer) to build him a cheap perpetual electrification grid. Meanwhile, Nikolai has constant nightmares where Japanese man tries to sell him some bamboo…


Szabolcz Tolnai (1971, Serbia) is a writer, director and producer. His work ranges from feature and documentary films to theatre plays. He’s known for the award-winning feature Hourglass (2007). Tolnai also lectures at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. His recently film “MINOTAUR” was premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2016.

Daisy Poster

Director: Daisy Dickinson and Julia Laird 

U.K. | 2016 | Color (Super 8) | 4min Premier: London Short Film Festival 2016
Cast: Kenichi Iwasa, Mizuyo Ichinohe, Kanako Mori

Soramimi taps in to the rhythms of the forest. Channelling the positive and negative energies through the red and blue masks and eventually creating an abstract piece of ritualistic occurrence. All shot on Super 8 in the mountains of Japan (Kanazawa, Nagano, and Yakushima Island). Featuring music by Grimm Grimm.


Daisy Dickinson is a London-based Director/Visual Artist, specialising in experimental films, music videos and live visual performances. Her medium is video and it stretches to live visuals, video installation and stop motion animation. She is one half of audio/visual collaboration ‘Adrena Adrena’ with ex-Boredom’s drummer E-da Kazuhisa and is currently working as a visual addition to 90s post-rock group Seefeel. Dickinson’s visuals have been described as ‘magmatic and sulphurous, cosmological and transcendental, drawing attention to the wonder of the earth and our sensuality on it’.


Julia Laird is Scottish film maker and photographer based in London. As well as covering many photo stories around the world. Julia also uses analogue film to direct and produce short films and photographs.



Director: Daniel Szandtner, Junya Ishii
Hungary | 2010 | Color | 5min

The film was shot at the Horobagy, an exclave of the Eurasian Steppe called Puszta in Hungary. The word “Puszta” means “plains”, “desolate, “barren, and “bare”. Documented by Daniel Szandtner, Junya Ishii danced impulsively at the land where the wind blows strongly, and migratory birds fly above.