RUDDERLESS by Igor & Ivan Buharov





RUDDERLESS 30mins, Super 8 B/W, 2010,  Hungary
Film by Igor & Ivan Buharov
Distribution Álomvadász Kft.
InterpreteNyitrai Illés, Pallagi Jánosné, Antal Géza, Cserhalmi Sára, Tolnai Szabolcs, Kopecky Csaba, Bagdiné Kovács Mária, Junya Ishii

 “Rudderless” (“Kormányeltörés­ben”) was produced in 2010 and screened among others at Manifesta 8, Murcia or at the International Film Festival in Salonica. It is inspired by the eponymous poem (1971) by the Hungarian poet István Domonkos (b. 1940), a modern epic, a self-analysis of a person living in minority status in former Yugoslavia in the early 1970s. Understood in broader context, the poem illustrates aspects of emigrant life, such as uprootedness, alienation or transformation of identity because of the loss of language. The visual depiction of the poetic text, at a swift tempo, leads us into a world of various political and economical situation, private or collective, and intimately familiar or utterly absurd moments and encounters.


Igor & Ivan Buharov
Hungarian audiovisual experimentalists Igor and Ivan Buharov (Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi) have worked together under this pseudonym since 1995. They specialise in producing and directing a wide range of experimental films, features, shorts, documentaries and animations, and are celebrated for their amusing, and often absurd, storylines. They usually work without a script, or deviate from it, encouraging the actors to improvise and utilise found footage and free association while often composing and performing the film music themselves. The duo are also founders and members of the avant garde jazz band Pop Ivan and are founding members of a number of collectives including Labor 40 and the Kaos Camping Group.


In this film, JUNYA ISHII participated as “Japanese Stranger in Budapest”
“I still don’t know why I was eating fat meat in front of Hungarian parliament, but it was funny to work with Buharov Brothers!”



Semana de Cine Experimental de Madrid – Main Award

Milano Film Festival