Minimum Party Art Camp Festival ,Kászonaltíz , Transylvania, Romania 2012 Photo taken by Molnar Zoltan

Minimum Party Art Camp Festival ,Kászonaltíz , Transylvania, Romania

Minimam Party Art Camp started by the members of the Minimum Party Society, which is a Transylvanian (Kolozsvár/Cluj) artistic group. I joined for this art camp on 2008 and 2012 to hold a workshop in the environment of forest. It is a place for me to experiment and practice to live and creative with minimum resources. Here, I try to find connection between natural elements and body for creation.


In 2008, I had opportunity to do improvisation session with French musician Miquèu Montanaro.

Direction, Choreograph: Junya Ishii  Music: Zsolt Lászlóffy

In 2012, I created performance named Black Mountain with workshop participants and Transylvanian composer Lászlóffy Zsolt. I tried to find the connection between black ashes which I saw when I walked at burned forest, moon light and body. There were no theatrical light, so I asked staff to use car light.